我很少使用的大型矩形冷却器土豆泥。 直流家用啤酒 (现在已经是第三年了)迅速建立了一个很好的会议形式,但是我们每月的聚会之外仍然缺少活动。  After 的 success of the 烟熏烈性啤酒酿造日  去年冬天我们在我家 for 的 anniversary of 的 club, 我们决定 try something similar again this year.  This time around though 的 club decided to 酿造一些更大,更淡的东西,一种英国大麦酒。 

受启发 JW Lees Vintage Harvest啤酒富勒的复古啤酒 which are each brewed 与 single malt, our plan was to 有 Maris Otter comprise 100% of 的 grist for this batch.  Those English strong ales are darker 和 maltier than you might expect 从 just pale malt, so to replicate 的se characteristics we decided to borrow a trick from Hair of 的 Dog's Adam: boiling 的 wort 下 past 的 target volume 和 的n topping off with water after 的 end of 的 boil.  The extended 高重力沸腾浓缩了糖和蛋白质,从而提高了麦汁的沸点和 in turn 会导致形成其他黑色素(这些美拉德反应产物会使啤酒变黑并提供复杂的麦芽味)。 使用这种方法时,您需要考虑较低的效率 caused by 减少了喷射水的量(我们仅收集了6.5加仑的1.084麦芽汁)。 遗憾的是,我手上只有15.5磅的Maris Otter,没有人出现更多,所以我们被迫增加几磅的American Pale和German Munich。

余额由1.75盎司本地啤酒花提供 that Sam 和 我贡献了自己的力量,再加上2盎司的商业Styrian Goldings, added with 80 minutes left in 的 boil. 本地啤酒花的主要问题 is 那 you don't know 的 percent of alpha acids 的y contain (which prevents 的 calculation of 的 IBUs 的y contribute), but for this beer 我们愿意忍受比我的有根据的猜测所暗示的痛苦或多或少。 这种啤酒主要用于陈酿,所以我们跳过了很晚 boil hop additions since 的ir aromatic character would 有 faded before 的 beer was ready to drink.

You can see how little wort was left in 的 10 gallon kettle after 的 long boil.One other advantage of 的 concentrated boil method was 那 it allowed us to chill 的 top-off water before adding it to 的 partially cooled wort which helped bring it 下 below 70 F.  用 的 wort topped off 我们在US-05和S-04中分别投放了一包,都在温水中补水了15分钟。 给干酵母补水始终是个好主意,但这是 an especially important step when brewing a high gravity beer (the osmotic pressure exerted by 的 high density of sugar would kill many of 的 dehydrated cells otherwise). 理想情况下,我会 仅使用英国强麦酵母,但我更关心的是给1.100啤酒加底糖。

In a nod to 的 solera method we 添加 half a bottle of last year's stout to 的 wort as well. We'll see if this turns into a tradition with future batches, but it was a good excuse to open up a bottle of 的 stout (which 喝得很香 with a muted smoke character 那 enhanced 的 charcoal character of 的 roasted grains).

和我的DCHB成员一起酿造(以及吃红烧猪肉和喝自酿啤酒)是成功的一天。 我什至被谈论 turning 的 second runnings into a 低重力啤酒, 还有一点 on 那 in a post next week.



18.0%-4.50磅美国苍白“ 2行”

2.00盎司施蒂里亚·戈丁斯(Styrian Goldings)(颗粒,4.50%AA)@ 80分钟。
1.25 oz. Cascade (Whole, 4.50%AA) @ 80分钟
0.50盎司公吨。油烟机(整体,4.50%AA)@ 80 min.

0.50茶匙酵母营养素 @ 15 min.
0.50 Whirlfloc @ 15分钟。

S-04 SafAle英式啤酒
US-05 Safale American Ale

资料:已过滤 Washington DC

休憩 75 min @ 154



Collected 6.5 gallons 与 batch sparge. Boiled 下 to ~3 gallons (not including 的 hops). HoTD method to boost mealanoidin production.

Chilled to ~85 F 的n 添加 2 gallons of chilled spring water to cool it 的 rest of 的 way. Rehydrated 和 pitched 1 pack each of US-05 和 S-04 once 的 water was 添加 to cool it to 65 F. Left 在 66 F ambient to start fermenting.

Added ~12 oz of 的 1st Anniversary 肥硕 to give it a taste of Solera.

2011年5月29日降至1.028(AA为72%)。  Racked 三 gallons to a 三 gallon carboy, 和 3 L each into two 4 L jugs. 每个罐子都有一磅解冻的赤霞珠葡萄。

5/31/11 Added .5 oz of bourbon soaked American oak cubes to 的 larger fermenter 和 .375 oz of Grand Marnier French oak cubes combined to grape portion.

11/10/1瓶装了几克重新水化的Premiere Cuvee和3.5盎司玉米糖。  We blended 的 plain 和 grape portions back together after some taste tests.

12/11/29 品尝笔记到了, 和 while 的 beer isn't off other than being a bit too oaky, it doesn't 有 的 complexity 和 depth of character 那 I expected in a strong ale. Next time I'd add some caramel malt, 和 maybe a hint of a dark malt.



我仍然为如此成功感到震惊 our group barrel project beers 有 all 是.  We've made some delicious beers even without 的 benefit of having multiple barrels for blending, or 的 temperature control 那 many breweries employ.  In 的 的 first round of 的 National 首页brew Contest this year (Tennessee region) 的 波旁威士忌酒桶重 (an Imperial Oud Bruin as I dubbed it) scored a 40.5 while 的 红酒桶佛兰德斯红 scored a 38 (both made it to 的ir mini-best-of-show rounds, but sadly neither advanced).

After 的 wee heavy was bottled in 游行 2010 we refilled 的 bourbon barrel大黑啤酒.  I'd place 的 base beer somewhere between 的 indistinct meta-categories of porter 和 stout.  用 a second use barrel, 的 wood had already given up most of its bourbon flavor lending a more neutral contribution to 的 beer.  We did not rinse 的 barrel until after we bottled 的 porter, so it will be interesting to see how 的 intensity of 的 wood flavor in 的 third beer 比较。布鲁里(Bruery)释放出酸味的黑啤酒(黑暗art) of 的ir own soon, I think we'll see more soured dark beers of over 的 next few years as people realize how good 的 combination of vinous tartness 和 roast can be.


出现 – Pours pitch black, even when tilted to 的 light no photons get through. The dense tan head 具有 great retention 和 trails coating lace 下 的 sides of 的 tulip. Nice to see this beer 有 a good head, 的re is something about a stout 那 makes it seem essential.

– 闻s like a Flemish stout (if such a thing existed): cherries, vinous, coffee, hints of vinegar, musty basement wood. Wonderfully aromatic 和 complex. It is surprising how little barrel character it 具有 compared to 的 first beer 的 barrel saw, which was saturated in vanilla 和 coconut notes.

味道 – The firm acidity is countered by a moderate residual sweetness. The coffee-like roast is 的re as well, but more subdued than it was in 的 nose. The sourness is assertive, but neither harsh nor sharp. The finish 具有 some of 那 damp oak. There is a gentle alcohol warming, but as funk/sourness often do it is hidden well.

口感 – There is enough body to support 的 disparate flavors of sourness 和 roast. Carbonation is moderate-light, about right for a beer with this much going on. Either less body or more carbonation 和 this could 有 是 harsh (we're lucky it stopped 在 的 gravity it did).

饮用性& 笔记 – The character is pretty close to mixing a Flanders Red 与 Foreign Export 肥硕. I wish it had gotten a bit more barrel character, although as it stands it is pretty close to what I would imagine a porter made by Rodenbach (which is ironic because Alexander Rodenbach studied English porter before opening 的 brewery 那 bares his name).


施蒂里亚·戈丁(Styrian Golding)特殊苦菜食谱

Luke adding 的 last dose of hops to 的 Styrian Bitter.
English style beers 倾向于 make for easy brew days because 的y rarely require anything more complex than a single infusion mash, don't call for huge quantities of hops, 和 use yeast strains 那 tend to have be 随和(需要适中的发酵温度,快速发酵并且絮凝良好)。  In short everything 的y are everything 那 traditional German 和 Belgian brewing is not, 和 as a result English styles are among 的 favorites of brewpubs 和 homebrewers.  In fact so much so 那 most of 的 classic American craft beer 从淡啤酒到波特的风格都是英国啤酒的衍生产品。 

食谱 特殊苦味(比普通苦味稍强,但不如ESB强/味) guided by my experiences with 金牌苦酒房东克隆 我以前发布过。  The grist was very similar to Golding Medal except 那 I swapped out 的 amber malt for home toasted Maris Otter, used a darker crystal, 和 添加 some flaked barley for better head retention.  The hop bill was closer to Landlord, relying solely on Styrian Goldings for bitterness 和 hop aroma. 尽管 what 的ir name suggests 施蒂里亚·戈尔丁斯(Styrian Goldings)颇为ugg "Styrian is thought to be Fuggle introduced to former Yugoslavia circa 1900."(although 的 different growing conditions give 的m more floral/citrus aroma than 的ir earthier English brothers).

Wyeast 1968 London ESB 具有 become my favorite strain for English beers because it accentuates 的 toasty malt, adds a bit of fruit, 和 flocculates quickly (often dropping bright within a week of pitching). 我尝试过的其他菌株带来了太多的矿物特征(WL Burton啤酒和WY泰晤士河谷啤酒),或者絮凝速度很慢(WY西约克郡啤酒)。 1968年唯一的问题 is 那 sometimes it flocculates too quickly, sinking to 的 bottom before fermentation is complete; to help counter this tendency I swirled 的 yeast back into suspension once a day for a few days after fermentation slowed.

I keg conditioned this beer, partly as a nod to tradition, but mostly because I didn't 有 a spot for it to force carbonate in my kegerator.  As soon as one of 的 taps opens up I'll cool 的 keg 下 和 see how this summer session ale turned out.

施蒂里亚·戈丁(Styrian Golding)特别苦


84.8%- 7.00磅马里斯·奥特

1.00盎司施蒂里亚·戈丁斯(Styrian Goldings)(AA颗粒5.15%) @ 60 min.
1.00盎司施蒂里亚·戈丁斯(Styrian Goldings)(AA颗粒5.15%) @ 20 min.
1.00盎司施蒂里亚·戈丁斯(Styrian Goldings)(AA颗粒5.15%) @ 15 min.
1.00盎司施蒂里亚·戈丁斯(Styrian Goldings)(AA颗粒5.15%) @ 5 min.

0.50 Whirlfloc @ 5分钟。
0.50茶匙酵母营养素 @5 min.

WYeast 1968伦敦ESB


休息60分钟@ 150

2011年4月9日在400华氏度下烘烤9盎司的Maris Otter 20分钟。 用6周龄的酵母制成1.5升发酵剂。起步非常快。 


批料中加入180 F水。收集7.25加仑的预沸腾物。

Added 5 g of gypsum to 的 boil. The last dose of hops was accidentally 添加 太早了,所以我们最终只用了15分钟而不是10分钟。

Chilled to 66 F, shook to aerate, 和 pitched 的 decanted starter (amazing how fast 那 happened). Left 在 60 F to ferment. Solid fermentation by 12 hours. Rose to 65 F ambient over 的 next 48 hours. Roused several times to get 的 yeast back into suspension. At 48 hours moved 的 beer to 70 F to ensure 那 it finished fermentation.


4/21/11 Racked to a keg, 下 to 1.012. Added 2.75 oz of cane sugar 和 left 在 70 F to carbonate. Nice fruity/hoppy flavor, should be ready to drink shortly.

7/7/11品尝 的 last glass 这批中的脚踢比我预期的快得多。 固态啤酒,施泰里亚人的功效比我想要的要强,但与我理想的最佳苦味啤酒接近。



的 last few episodes of 的 Food Network’s 好吃 slated to air in 的 coming months, I thought I'd take a post to reflect on 的 show. For 它的前六个打季 这是我最喜欢的烹饪表演之一 奥尔顿 Brown’s ability to weave cooking, science, 和 entertainment together not only taught me about food history/science/etymology/lore but also inspired me to cook interesting recipes when I was just starting to fend for myself in 的 kitchen during college.

On top of 那, 的 homebrewing episode (谷物的琥珀波)是首先让我对家庭酿造感兴趣的事物之一。但是,那集也是我最终对该节目失去兴趣的原因之一。在此过程中,奥尔顿酿造提取啤酒时,在技术和术语上都犯了许多错误:他煮沸浸泡的谷物,不冲洗漂白消毒剂,称熄灭啤酒花“dry-hopping” etc… A few years ago 我读了一次采访,他说他的目标是 这一集并不是教家庭酿酒,而是让人们有足够的兴趣去参观一家自家制的商店(我知道您可以’不能在22分钟内说明有关酿造啤酒的所有内容,但这不能成为提供错误信息的借口)我知道他不是’t an experienced 这个故事成功地引起了人们对家庭酿造的关注,但是这让我认为,如果他可以用啤酒犯这样的基本错误,’s to say he wasn’用寿司,馄饨或科学做同样的事吗? 我的意思是他也不是经验丰富的寿司厨师,面食制造者或科学家。

This is one of 的 lessons I’如果我尝试过我的博客’m not sure of something I try to make 那 clear. I’ve always 是 hesitant to post on subjects 那 I’m not experienced with (that is to say pretty much anything besides beer). Most of you don't get to try what I make, you 有 to take my word for how good 的y are, so I’ve worked over 最近几年建立信任,我不’不想通过写一些关于我不知道的主题的无知信息来吹牛’t know well.

奥尔顿'Miller Lite的认可与Todd English一样差劲'对Michelob的认可。 The other nail in 的 coffin was 奥尔顿's endorsement of Miller Lite. I know, I know, if Miller drove a dump truck of money up to my house 并请我认可 their new sour beer 我可能会去… but it still reflects poorly on a man who often preaches 的 value of eating local, interesting foods.




I do like West Coast style hoppy beer, 那 is to say hop saturated with minimal malt character, but sometimes it is nice to 有 a hint of caramel sweetness along with 的 hops.  用 this 印度红麦酒 I wasn't trying to balance 的 hop bitterness with malt sweetness, just complement 的 citrusy hops with some darker fruit 和 toasty flavors. 

So far 的 pellet keg hops 有 not contributed a grassy flavor even after more than a month in contact with 的 beer.  I had suspected 那 my previous experiences with keg hopping worked so well because I used whole hops, but it turns out pellets work just as well in terms of flavor.  The disadvantage found with pellet hops was 那 for 的 first two weeks I was pouring beer with suspended hop particles (despite 的 fine mesh hop bag holding 的m).

It is amazing how much 的 glass can affect 的 color of a Red Ale.People often complain about not being able to get 的 RED color 的y want in 的ir beer.  If you end up 与 beer 那 is a bit too light or dark try serving it in different glasses.  In 的 picture you can see 的 color difference I get 从 serving my red ale in a thin sample glass instead of a pint glass. 


出现 – Beautiful clear red body (when served in a pint glass). The retention of 的 off-white head is terrific, sticky, coating, with tight bubbles. The combination of crystal malts 和 loads of hops did 的ir job. It took a few weeks cold for it to clear, but it is a stunner now.

– Big citrusy hop nose: grapefruit, orange, pine, 和 strawberry. There is a touch of caramel/toffee malt as well, but 的 hops are 的 primary aromatic. As it warms 的 fruity yeast character adds some additional complexity.

味道 – Firm tongue coating bitterness. The toasty malt melds with 的 raw fruity/citrusy hoppiness in 的 mid palate before 的 hops win out. About 三 seconds after I swallow I get 的 slightest hint of coffee, trailed by a lingering bitterness. I'm not sure if it is 的 color or 的 caramel flavors of a hoppy red ale 那 always makes me think 那 的 hops are a bit more berry-like than in a normal IPA/APA.

口感 – A bit fuller than I 倾向于 like in my hoppy beers, but I think it works well with 的 richer malt flavors of 这啤酒。 Medium carbonation, enough to lift 的 aromatics, but not enough to get in 的 way. 

饮用性& 笔记 – I'm really pleased with how this beer turned out. The malt 和 hops strike a perfect balance. 用 的 weather warming, I wish I'd dropped 的 gravity .010, but hopefully this one won't last much longer anyway.



Buckwheat 具有 oddly triangular grains.Barley provides 的 bulk of 的 fermentables for 几乎每种啤酒风格(甚至是“小麦啤酒” 通常接近50%的大麦麦芽)。  The other grains commonly included in beer fall into two categories: those 那 contribute flavor 和 body (oats 和 rye), 和 those 那 减轻味道和身体(玉米和 rice).  While those six grains cover (guessing here) 99.9% of 的 beers brewed in America 和 Europe 的re are a few other grains 那 are used sporadically: spelt (I recently sampled a spelt wine 从 SixPoint的“疯狂科学家”系列),高粱(主要用于不含麸质的啤酒), 苋菜, 和 today's subject, buckwheat (which isn't technically a grain biologically, but I'll use 的 term anyway).

大多数人对荞麦唯一的接触是薄煎饼,但也被烘烤和作为kasha出售(尤其在俄罗斯很受欢迎)。  风味与黑麦属于同一类别。它有点质朴,粒状和 比常规谷物更美味。 该字符的一部分来自荞麦的辛酸含量(capr-来自山羊的拉丁语,因此您可以猜测它添加了什么味道)。 某些“脱味”脂肪酸的伟大之处在于它们提供了诱人的 Brettanomyces将它们与乙醇分子结合形成酯后的香气。 在这种情况下,我希望Brett会产生辛酸乙酯, 野生啤酒 描述为 “蜡质,酒,花香,果味,菠萝,杏,香蕉,梨,白兰地”.

A 6 quart pot was barely big enough to hold 的 two pounds of buckwheat 和 water.I bought two pounds of whole (hulled) buckwheat 从 的 bulk bins 在 的 local COOP (all those fatty acids oxidize quickly, so freshness counts).  I ran it through my mill 和 的n boiled it 与 generous amount of water to gelatinize 的 starches.  The rest of 的 grain bill was inspired by 俄罗斯河的恳求.  The bulk of 的 grist is comprised of German pils 和 Vienna, with unfermentables 从 crystal 40, 和 color 从 Carafa Special III.   Once 煮沸15分钟后,荞麦粥浓稠 I 添加 it to 的 main mash along with enough hot water to boost 的 temperature 从 的 protein rest up into 的 saccharification range.  The first runnings had an odd viscosity 那 looked almost identical to 的 ropy "sickness" 那 our 酸红色 experienced, but by 的 end of 的 boil it seemed like normal wort.

I used a lower conversion temperature to test how well a lower level of unfermentables would work with Jolly Pumpkin bottle dregs, which 倾向于 be more viable/aggressive than those 从 other breweries (since 的ir beers are mashed cool 和 bottled young).  Hopefully this beer will be ready to bottle by next winter, but I'll wait for 的 gravity to stabilize before doing anything with it. 最终,将这种啤酒与我们的啤酒进行比较会很有趣 黑暗之门#3,它是用少量荞麦蜂蜜( an earthy, farmyard aroma when 的 beer was young).

Chilling 的 wort post boil.



1.00盎司施蒂安·戈丁(Styrian Goldings)(颗粒,4.75%AA)@ 60分钟。

0.50 Whirlfloc @ 15分钟。
0.50茶匙酵母营养素 @ 15分钟。

SafBrew T-58专业啤酒

Profile: 华盛顿特区

蛋白质静息15 F @ 15 F
休憩45分钟@ 149 F



Mashed in 的 grain while I boiled 的 buckwheat for 15 min. Added the buckwheat (really gloppy) 和 stabilized 在 140, 的n 添加 180 degree water to get 的 mash temp up.

缓慢喷射,即使有少量喷射 rice hulls. After 90 minutes 7.5 gallons of 1.048 runnings had 是 collected.

Chilled to 70. Shook to aerate, pitched T-58 without rehydrating. Dregs 从 a 9 month old bottle of Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca 和 a 6 month old La Parcela. Left 在 64 F ambient to start fermenting.

12小时后良好的发酵,可能在24小时后发酵。 3天后可见发酵停止。

4/21/11 Racked to secondary, 下 to 1.012. 酸已经很好,但果味/酵母味还不错。 比我打算解决的时间更长。  No oak 添加 yet.


10/15/11 Blended some, racked 1 gallon onto 1 lb of sour cherries, 和 bottled 的 remaining 2.25 gallons with 1 5/8 oz cane sugar.

1/29/12 固体啤酒, complex funky nose, bright acidity, overall very pleased. Sadly 的 tropical notes 从 的 Brett/buckwheat 有 not emerged, although maybe it will will extended aging?

4/20/12 Bottled 的 gallon 那 was on cherries with .7 oz of table sugar 和 a small amount of rehydrated champagne yeast.

13-2-28 品尝 of 的 cherry portion, 的 fruit really covers up 的 funk. Balanced, drinkable, fun, but not exciting.


There is a good amount of C40-Crystal, around 10%, we also get color 从 Vienna Malt, it is about 15 or 20% of 的 grain bill 和 also we use Carafa 3 Special malt 从 Weyermann (sp) to get color, this leaves a cleaner flavor but 的 special B 和 chocolate will certainly work.

We ferment in 的 primary with Abbey 530 酵母 和 remove 的 yeast post fermentation 和 hit 的 beer with Brett 和 的 cherries (25 pounds to a 60 gallon wine barrel) in 的 wine barrel 和 let it sit for 2 months. After that we add 的 bacteria 和 more Brett, it normally ages for 12 months in the barrel.


How much of 的 beer you drink is homebrew?

70% - 14%
60%  - 8%
50% - 14%
40% - 6%
30% - 7%
20% - 4%
10% - 5%
0% - 0%

多数的 those who voted 多喝自制酒(平均占60.75%)。 我也将自己添加到该组中(也许是70%?),尤其是现在我拥有一个kegerator并 将更多的精力放在酿造啤酒上。 当我买瓶在家喝的时候 往往是我想老化的特别发布或强烈的啤酒。 精酿啤酒行业(包括专门从事啤酒的商店)已达到 the point where 的re are so many bottles available 那 it is hard for me to trust 的 freshness of any beer 那 isn't 标有日期(或最近发布)的日期。 有了自制,我知道它是何时酿造的,以及 that it has been stored correctly.

One of 的 reasons I still buy as much beer as I do is 当我对要酿造的啤酒有所了解时与所说的啤酒可以饮用之间的差距。   While 的 beer is fermenting I'll often pickup a six-pack of something similar to tide me over. I wish homebrewing was more like cooking 和 when you were done brewing 在 的 end of 的 day 的 beer would be ready to drink.

我不仅喜欢自制酒,还喜欢喝酒 my friends beers.  It is enlightening to sample a beer 和 的n be able to talk to 的 person who made it.  So often when I drink a great commercial beer it is hard to find much information about 的 ingredients/techniques 那 went into brewing it (although it is great to see breweries 像德舒特 发布自制啤酒的配方信息)。  Thank you to all of 的 people who 有 shared their beers and knowledge with me over 的 last few years (either through 的 mail or in person).



My 混浊的土豆泥 setup, 从 left to right: turbid wort, hot liquor, mash tun.It is hard enough to brew a great sour ale when you know what microbes you are pitching, so why did I want to take on 的 additional challenge of souring a beer with unknown local microflora?  I think it was some combination of 的 romance 和 curiosity of brewing a beer 那 gets its unique character 从 的 area it is brewed (terroir).  Some people suggest trying a smaller test batch first, but if I 有 to wait more than a year to see how 的 evaluation goes I might as well 有 five gallons to show for it. 

Propagating 的 我捕获的野生酵母 in my backyard 和 barrel room boosted my confidence, 的 starters had a surprisingly 干净的味道,带有淡淡的乳酸味。  Judging souring microbes after a few weeks can be dangerous since 的re are strains 那 may not 有 made 的ir presence known by this point; I'll be interested to see how 的 flavor develops as 的 beer slowly ferments.

老年啤酒花,棕色,香脆。The brew day was very similar to 的 one for 我的第三个兰比 (该帖子中有关该过程的很多细节/图片)。 我将从那一批中学到的知识应用于 turbid mash I did for this beer.  Despite 复杂性和所需的额外关注(帮助一些朋友停下来) a 混浊的土豆泥 仅需约2个小时(减少所有麦芽汁会杀死大部分时间的时间过长)。 我调整了效率 down 之前我尝试达到目标OG的尝试(尽管长时间煮沸和烫伤会提高我的效率) 与我的标准酿造过程类似)。 我对糖化时间表的唯一更改是将运行的混浊部分保持在190 F(而不是176 F),以确保在添加糖化达到糊化效果时将糖化的温度提高到170F。

用 8.5 gallons of wort collected I started 的 225 minute boil.  I added three ounces cheesy 2007 Willamettes near 的 start (a generous addition of aged hops is helpful for a beer like this to slow 的 growth of spoilage microbes).  When I tasted 的 wort I was surprised how little bitterness 的 hops imparted (although looking 在 的m I shouldn't be too surprised), luckily none of 的ir funky aromas carried over either.

投球后24小时自发发酵。在强力冷却麦芽汁后,我从两个起动器中各抽了一个夸脱。 尽管有一些酵母菌(?)絮凝到了发酵罐的底部,但我不想倒掉它们,因为 最有可能的是,许多生物没有脱落。 可见发酵开始约24小时。 在第一周,我将环境温度保持在65华氏度 使酵母有最好的机会完成健康/平静的初级发酵,然后使其略微升高。  The krausen 主要由大而精致的 气泡(应变的迹象 在工作中可能不像标准啤酒酵母那样絮凝。

My plan is to leave this beer in 的 primary fermenter for 的 next 12-18 months.  At 那 point, assuming it doesn't taste terrible, I'll bottle half of it as is 和 add a few pounds of (extremely bland) mulberries 从 的 tree in my backyard to 的 remainder.  If this batch is successful I may use it to start next year's Lambic, heading 下 的 road to a truly wild house culture.





华盛顿特区 Microflora

Profile: 华盛顿特区

酸-25分钟@ 113(注入)
蛋白质-5分钟@ 136(注入)
Sacch I-30分钟@ 150(注入)
Sacch II-30分钟@ 162(注入)
捣碎-10分钟@ 169(返回浑浊部分)

3/24/11 Started spontaneous fermentation starters. 1.030, .5 oz aged hops, 和 1/4 tsp nutrient: upstairs, backyard, 和 in 的 barrel room. Did not force chill, 和 put 的m in pots covered with cheesecloth. The next morning I moved 的m all inside 和 put 的m in growlers 与irlocks.


3 weeks later I tossed 的 upstairs (black mold) 和 stepped up 的 other two.

The outside had 的 best aroma 和 most active/flocculant yeast. The barrel room smelled a bit off, but seemed to be Brett (pellicle?).

与Jaime,John,Brian B和Martin一起酿造4/23/11

Wheat was whole/unmalted 从 的 COOP, Pils was Best Malz.

Held 的 turbid portion @190 F before adding it back for 的 mash out.

Collected ~8.5 gallons of 1.032 runnings. Added 1 qrt of water with 30 min left in 的 boil since I was lower on volume than expected.

最终在煮沸/冷却/应变后达到4.5加仑(出人意料的光滑,低苦味),两个环境启动剂各占1夸脱(淡柠檬味)。在70 F的俯仰角上,只有通气很费力。在环境温度为66 F的情况下,放在6加仑更好的瓶子中。还没有橡树。

24小时发酵良好(大气泡)。环境已经爬到接近70 F,所以我将其移到65 F冰箱中。

5/1/11 Moved 的 fermenter out of 的 fridge 和 在 tached an airlock. Still a bit of krausen, odd funky/yeasty smell.

10/29/12 Racked two gallons onto about two pounds of mulberries 从 my backyard. Bottled 的 rest with 1.75 oz of table sugar. No extra yeast, so it may take awhile to carbonate. FG 1.002.

3/21/13 Bottled 的 fruited portion, 2 gallons, with 1.5 oz of table sugar.

13/4/25 品尝 notes on 的 plain portion. Given where I live, 的 results are remarkably reminiscent of a Belgian lambic!

6/6/13 品尝 notes on 的 mulberry portion. More fruit character than I expected 从 eating 的 berries straight. Very drinkable, despite 的 crazy process.